My First Premier Bank Credit Card Login

My First Premier Bank Credit Card Login?

Go to to apply for a First Premier Bank credit card or if you’re already a card holder you can visit the location to login to your private account. Premier Financial institution card is a bank card designed particularly for shoppers with poor credit. Utilizing this particular credit card will get anyone back heading in the right direction to improving their credit score score and at the same time benefitting from having their very own private credit card.

Applying for a First Premier credit card login online is a simple process. You are required to answer questions then based on your answers and qualifications will decide in case you are authorised for a credit card. Before every new account is authorized and opened shoppers should pay a $25 processing fee. This particular payment is obligatory whether you get accepted for an account or not. In case you are not accredited for a credit card then you’ll positively receive your $25 back.

There is a special offer that may permit customers to view their credit report at any time when they so desire. This feature known as the Premier Credit Manager which costs $3.99 per month but is a great benefit because you possibly can monitor your credit rating and history for any reporting errors. Anytime you access your credit report through the Credit Manager you’ll not be hurting your credit score. Many members be a part of this program simply because they know they can view their credit score often and never decrease their score as a result.

One of the smart features included with the First Premier card is automated invoice pay. This feature is wonderful for card holders as a result of it permits members to setup a convenient auto invoice pay which will draft money from their checking account to make invoice payments. This alleviates the stress of making an attempt to always remember when due dates are which is a problem for the average credit card holder. Not only can funds be achieved with auto pay but in addition by way of telephone, mail, online web site, money orders, etc. There are a number of ways to make payments towards your account.

If by chance there’s the unlucky incident of a misplaced or stolen financial institution card, then there’s a simple manner of dealing with this situation. Customers should call customer support at 1-800-987-5521. Customer service representatives will ask you a series of questions which will be the start of an investigation process. They will assess your state of affairs and hopefully send you a new card after ensuring there aren’t any mishaps happening along with your card.

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