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First Premier credit card is an unsecured card. It has been created specifically for individuals with a damaged credit report. It offers easy approval, but does carry some large fees. However if your score is in the dumps many of these fees are necessary expenses. If you are researching because you are hoping to improve a low score, this card will not fix it but can help to create a positive trail of payments. However with negative items you will not be able to achieve a good rating.

You will find information on the First Premier Login at the bottom of this article or alternatively you could visit directly the website of First Premier and get the login:

These negative items will always cause your rating to drop and dramatically. Often it makes much more sense to remove the items from your report before opening up new unsecured lines of credit. Contrary to popular belief negative marks can be removed from your report. These items must be disputed directly with the bureaus. If you clean your report and then apply for a card you will by able to get approved with much fewer fees or no fees at all.

Don’t expect this card to fix your score because it will not. It can help and new positive credit lines will help you earn improve your rating, however the negative marks are much more severe. Additionally with our tough economic times many lending institutions have severely tightened their approval requirements. Frequently you will be denied even if you have just one negative item on your report.

This first premier card is issued with a $250 credit limit; however when you are issued it the fees are automatically deducted from your available credit. The fees include; program fee of $95, annual fee of $48, monthly servicing fee of $84 (annually), and an account set up fee of $29. Instead of paying these high fees we feel it is much more cost effective especially over the course of a life time to repair and remove negative items. This will improve your score enough so you can get approved for a fair credit card that will not charge you any fees but will have a low limit.

You are not alone having bad credit but don’t just live with it. It costs you money and self confidence knowing you can’t be approved for anything better. You don’t have feel like a second class citizen, there has been legislation passed to help protect you and prevent you from paying outrageous fees. Further there is not a better feeling in the world than hearing those three little words “you are approved” from the loan officer.

We instead suggest the bad credit credit card the unsecured Total Visa . If you would like a free credit consultation call 1-800-483-0256. Article Source:

First Premier Login

Go to to apply for a First Premier Bank credit card or if you’re already a card holder you can visit the location to login to your private account. As we have said above, Premier Financial institution card is a bank card designed particularly for shoppers with poor credit. Utilizing this particular credit card will get anyone back heading in the right direction to improving their credit score score and at the same time benefiting from having their very own private credit card. And applying for a Premier credit card online is a simple process, you could have your first premier login in just minutes. .. Good Luck!

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